One By One

by Fernande

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released June 2, 2017

Produced by John Donald                          
Except No Strings and One by One,
Produced by John Donald and Allen Hunnie
Engineered by John Donald                        
Recorded at Ranch Recording                        
Mixed and Mastered by Allen Hunnie                                         
Cover artwork by Allen Hunnie                                  
All songs by Fernande McNabb  and John Donald
All songs registered Socan FERNANDE McNABB JOHN DONALD ALLEN HUNNIE                          



all rights reserved


Fernande Grandview, Manitoba

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Track Name: One By One
One By One
Fernande McNabb/John Donald

Who am I to say, what’s right or wrong
I threw it all away, find out what makes me strong
I’ve watched them walk away, one by one
It always ends the same
Looks like I’ll be moving on

Save your good advice for someone
I’m not you
I’m going where this music takes me to
One by one, by one
Save your good advice for someone
I’m not you
I’m going where this music takes me to
One by one, by one
Track Name: No Strings
No Strings
Fernande McNabb/John Donald

This Wednesday’s child is over you
Woe is me, I fell for you
That dream you had, it wasn’t true
I never was the one for you

With no strings you want the best parts of me
You can’t give, but you want to receive
With no strings you played me fine
You’re not entitled to a love like mine

This lonely woman will sing the blues
Tell your friends that I never knew
Have a laugh, maybe one, maybe two
That I was lonesome over you
Track Name: Nothing Else I Need
Nothing Else I Need
Fernande McNabb/John Donald

Don’t cry for me my love
I don’t regret
The time I’ve taken
I can’t say goodbye
It feels as though,
My heart is breaking
I have lived my life
I won’t lament
the love I’ve given
For you are the one
That has made
my life worth living
I will take your memory
There is nothing else I need

I will always be
Forever in your thoughts
and on your shoulder
You won’t be alone
When sun won’t shine
And winter is colder
Track Name: Take Me Under
Take Me Under
Fernande McNabb/John Donald

I asked you nicely, you told a lie
The way you’re acting baby, I’m not surprised
I’m aware of your undercover pseudonym
You’re playing a dirty game that you can never win

I gave you every opportunity
To look me in the eyes
Who on earth are you to think
This is right?

It might seem too good, too good to be true
It probably is and that’s the unwritten rule
Don’t jump in with both feet, until you know it’s true
Take my advice and don’t go acting like a fool


You tried to steal my thunder
You’ve got a lot of nerve,
But you won’t take me under, take me under
Track Name: You Know Me Better
You Know Me Better
Fernande McNabb

You’re still here, hanging on my shoulder
I can always count on you
You’ve always got, something to say
Make me want to smile too
Your body moves, hold me closer
You know me better, you know me better

We’ve had late nights, sometimes quarrels
But you never bring me down
I’ve got to say, you know me better
Than any man around